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Forthcoming books of interest

This list is culled from various sources: Locus, the Barnes & Noble SF pitchletter, publisher websites, and so on. It comprises forthcoming books of interest to me; either I want to read them, or I'm aghast that they're seeing print, or the title just strikes me as cool.

It's updated far less often than it should be.

2001 August Jane Lindskold Through Wolf's Eyes Tor, hc Interesting that Lindskold is moving from pb at Avon Eos to hc at Tor.
Sarah Zettel Kingdom of Cages Warner Aspect, hc
September Isobelle Carmody Ashling Tor, hc Third in the "Obernewtyn" series, very dark & moody but quite good kids stuff
Maureen McHugh Nekropolis Avon, hc Wow, it's been quite a while since we saw a new book from McHugh. Yay!
William Tenn Here Comes Civilization NESFA Press, hc The complete short fiction of William Tenn (aka Phil Klass), vol. 2
Howard Waldrop The Search for Tom Purdue Subterranean Press, hc
October Charles de Lint The Onion Girl Tor, hc YA Newford novel -- Jilly Coppercorn's story
Laurell K. Hamilton Narcissus in Chains Ace, hc The next Anita Blake book. Yes, I will buy this in hc as soon as it hits the shelves. No, I have neither taste nor shame.
Terry Pratchett & Paul Kidby The Last Hero HarperCollins, hc Good lord, Pratchett's sharecropping now?
Andrew S. Swann The Dragons of the Cuyahoga DAW This could explain a lot about Cleveland.
Peter Watts Maelstrom Tor, hc Not sure whether this is a sequel to "Starfish".
Connie Willis & Sheila Williams, eds. A Woman's Liberation: A Choice of Futures By and About Women Warner Aspect An anthology. I hereby predict that at least 25% of the reviews of this book will include the phrase "You go, girl."
November Catherine Asaro Spherical Harmonic Tor, hc
John Barnes The Merchants of Souls Tor, hc
James Alan Gardner Ascending Avon Eos Woo-hoo! A new JAGardner book! He's one of the most consistently enjoyable SF authors writing today.
Tara K. Harper Silver Moons, Black Steel Del Rey
Geoff Landis Impact Parameter and Other Quantum Realities Golden Gryphon Press, hc
Pat Murphy Adventures in Time and Space with Max Merriwell Tor, hc Third in her self-referential not-quite-a-milieu that includes "There and Back Again" and "Wild Angel"
Terry Pratchett The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents HarperCollins, hc
James Schmitz Agent of Vega & Other Stories Baen Be warned that this will probably undergo the same editing of the text as Baen's other Schmitz reprints. Still, any Schmitz is good Schmitz. (That sounds like a beer slogan.)
Vernor Vinge The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge Tor, hc
Jo Walton The King's Name Tor, hc
December Stephen Dedman Shadows Bite Tor, hc
Nalo Hopkinson Skin Folk Warner Aspect, tpb
Jerry Oltion The Getaway Special Tor, hc Have you ever noticed that you only have to transpose 2 letters to change "gateway" into "getaway"?
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