About me

I grew up in Gainesville, FL which is located about as far from any beach as you can possibly be in the state. However, it's surrounded by some of the most beautiful places in Florida. My friend Carol has spent a lot of time taking pictures of the gators, herons, and other animals that live on the University of Florida campus.
I majored in Computer Science at Princeton University. Since I left Princeton, I've lived in scenic Pittsburgh, PA.
I am a professional geek, and one of the organizers of Pittsburgh Geek Night. I'm happiest when working in Java and C++, but I dabble in all sorts of technologies, and I believe that Perl builds strong bones and good moral fiber. Currently, I do consulting work. My major contract involves rewriting an MRI simulator in Java, with funding from GE.
I am one of those severely annoying Tivo cultists who believe that Tivo is the greatest thing to happen to TV since the remote control. I just wish I knew why mine keeps wanting to record "Teletubbies" for me.
This is my Corgi, Miles. His hobbies include power shedding, squirrel harassment, and attempting to herd my two cats. He is absolutely fascinated by my cats, which adoration is regrettably not mutual.
I have several orchids; the number varies, because of their sullen tendency to die on me. This is particularly embarassing because three generations of my family have raised orchids -- my sister gene-sequences the things.

When I grow up, I want to be Dorothy Parker.

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