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How to add Pittsburgh library listings to Amazon book pages

The Amazon Pittsburgh Libraries Linky is a Greasemonkey script that inserts status information from the Allegheny County Library catalog into book listings from Amazon.com.

If the book is found in the catalog, this script will tell you whether the book is available, checked out, or on order, and how many other people currently have holds on it. The status line is a direct link to that book's listing in the library catalog, which makes it easy to request a library copy online and have it delivered to your local branch for pickup.

A few caveats:

This script will only work with the Firefox web browser.

It is derived from Ed Vielmetti’s Amazon Linky for the Ann Arbor District Libraries, which is ultimately derived from LibraryLookup by Jon Udell.

-- Christina Schulman

Step 1: If necessary, download and install Firefox.

Step 2: Download the Greasemonkey Firefox extension (click on "Install Greasemonkey") and open the .xpi file with Firefox (firefox.exe in the listing).

Step 3: You should now see the extension installation dialog. To install Greasemonkey, click on "Install Now".

Step 4: Quit Firefox, then restart it. (You don't need to restart your computer.) You should now see the happy greasemonkey icon in the lower right corner of your Firefox window.

Step 5: Go to the Pittsburgh library/Amazon script page and click on "Install this script" in the solid black box in the upper right. If you'd like to find a script for a different library, check the list of regional library scripts.

Step 6: The browser should now show you the Greasemonkey Installation dialog. As soon as the Install button is enabled, click "Install", and it will install the script immediately.

Step 7: You're done! Go look at a book on Amazon, and the library link should show up a second or two after the Amazon page finishes loading.